Pasco County Utility offering rebates for toilets

Utility offering rebates for toilets.

NEW PORT RICHEY – Instead of flushing their money down the toilet, Pasco County Utilities customers can take advantage of a rebate of up to $100 to buy low-flow toilets.

About 750 rebates will be available in west Pasco, according to county officials, on a first-come, first-served basis.

People can save $100 toward the first replacement toilet and $80 for a second toilet. Newer models use about 1.6 gallons per flush, compared to 3.5 gallons for standard toilets.

To qualify, a Pasco Utilities customer must live in a home built in or before 1994.

The applicant must save the old toilet to verify it is a 3.5-gallon model.

A copy of the last water bill is needed.

A private contractor, Demetri’s Solutions, is handling the program on behalf of the county utility department. Participants must call Demetri’s first at (727) 810-0168 to qualify and reserve the rebate. More information is online at the Utilities page of the Pasco County website, or go directly to

Once an applicant has sent back the application with original receipt and top portion of the water bill, the program administrator will set up a time to inspect the new toilet or toilets and haul away the old ones.

The rebate program is funded by the county and the basin boards of Southwest Florida Water Management District.