Billerica, MA Toilet and Clothes Washer Rebate Program

Town of Billerica Toilet and Clothes Washer Rebate Program
Billerica Townie News – Joan Parcewski
• Fri, Oct 14, 2011

The Billerica DPW recently announced the launch of a Rebate program for the replacement of toilets, urinals and clothes washers that have water conserving fixtures. The “Water Conservation Fund” was established to help mitigate the Town water supply and will allow the DPW to offer these rebates.

In order to quality, the water customer must be in good standing and own the property where the fixtures will be changed out. Tenants may participate with written permission from the property owner.

In order to qualify the toilets, urinals and clothes washers must be specific models. Contact the DPW office at Town Hall for a list of these models. Qualifying toilet rebates are $100 – urinal rebates $25 – and clothes washer $225. All rebates will be applied as a credit on your water bill.

Applications may be picked up at the DPW Town Hall office ot at the Water Treatment Facility at 270 Treble Cove Rd. All applications must be submitted to the DPW Town Hall office within 90 days of purchase.

— WWW.Billerica Townie News


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