Cobb water rates to increase 6% |

Cobb water rates to increase 6%  |

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Beginning in January, Cobb County residents will see a 6 percent increase in their water bills.

Commissioner Bob Ott voted against the water rate increase because of the bad economy.Cobb commissioners approved the increase on Tuesday along with a 4 percent wastewater rate increase. For the average bill payer, using 6,000 gallons of water a month, the rate hike equates to paying $2.37 more for water.

Water rates were originally scheduled to go up 8 percent, but the 6 percent increase is enough to cover distribution system maintenance and fee increases from Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, the county’s water wholesaler.

In 2008, commissioners approved annual 8 percent water rate increases and 4 percent wastewater increases through 2012. The board is required to vote on the rate changes each year.

Earlier this month the county called for an external audit into millions in questionable loans and money management of the county’s water system. The audit announcement came as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was working on a month-long investigation into the same issues.

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