Cooper City offers toilet rebates – South Florida Business Journal

Cooper City offers toilet rebates – South Florida Business Journal.

Many public officials claim to support water conservation, but Cooper City is putting its money where its toilets are.

Cooper City started handing out $80,000 in rebates on Monday for high-efficiency WaterSense-labeled toilets, sensor-driven irrigation systems for landscaping, shallow irrigation wells and rain barrels.

The city told plumbers and local stores to get ready for the program. On the first day, it received 23 applications for rebates.

The toilets can be found at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Rain barrels are sold at various landscaping, gardening and other businesses. Excavating or landscaping companies install the irrigation systems.

Why do this? The city recently figured out that it’s cheaper to conserve water than to build another water treatment plant, which could also come up against water allocation restrictions from the South Florida Water Management District. Several cities in Broward County have neared their limits for water.

The goal of the campaign – dubbed “Rebate, Rebate, Rebate” in honor of frogs – is to achieve five percent water reductions by 2013.

The rebates are as follows:

  • Rain barrel: one per customer, up to $30.
  • High-efficiency WaterSense toilet, EPA-approved: three per customer, up to $175 for the first toilet, $100 for the second and $50 for the third.
  • Shallow irrigation well: one per customer up to $1,200.
  • Sensor irrigation system: one per customers, up to $750.


In some instances, such as with high-efficiency toilets and rain barrels, the rebate could cover the total cost of the item installed.

Only Cooper City utility customers can apply, and you must apply before you buy. Applications can be submitted online here

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