City of Round Rock, TX offeres toilet rebate

Water Conservation Rebate Programs

The City of Round Rock’s Water Conservation Program has begun two new rebate programs for direct Round Rock water customers.  Both are pilot programs and will be available until September 30, 2010 or until funding is expended, whichever happens first.  These programs are intended to promote customer awareness of their water use and the efficient use of water. 

Efficient Irrigation Rebate

rain shut-off deviceThis program is applicable to existing, automatic irrigation systems only.  The rebate is available to commercial, multifamily and residential properties that are direct Round Rock water customers.  The property must have a free irrigation system evaluation performed by City staff prior to the installation of any new equipment.  The rebate is approximately 50% of the cost of specific system upgrades that are approved by City Water Conservation staff.  Find the complete program details and the application here.

Efficient Toilet Rebate

This program is available to single-family residential customers only during the pilot period.  Applicants must be a direct water customer of the City of Round Rock and the property must have been built prior to January 1, 1996 to qualify.  New toilets must be selected off of the EPA’s WaterSense toilet list, found at .  The rebate amount will be up to $100 per toilet and up to two toilets per residence.  Submit a completed rebate application form after the new toilet(s) are installed.

Wise water use is especially important because our City’s population continues to grow, while our water supply does not.  The cost of water will continue to increase, rain events are unpredictable, and the next drought is somewhere in the future, so it is important for us to use this precious resource as efficiently as possible, so as to delay any mandatory water use restrictions as long as possible.

For questions about either program or to have an application sent to you, contact Jessica Woods at 671-2872 or


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