City of Cocoa, FL Toilet rebate program

City of Cocoa toilet rebate program eligibility requirements:

1. Rebates are available on a first come first served basis and are available only until the budgeted rebate funds for the current fiscal year (Oct. 2009 – Sept. 2010) are depleted. The City does not guarantee a rebate if rebate monies have been depleted.

2. Applicant must have a water account in his/her name and must be a City of Cocoa water Customer.

3. The toilet must be installed at the property that receives a water bill from the City of Cocoa.

4. A maximum of two rebates per address will be allowed during the liftime of the program.

5. Rebate is offered only for replacement of existing 3.5 to 7 gallon per flush (GPF) toilets; it does not apply to new construction , room additions or replacement of a 1.6 GPF or lower toilet.

6. Removed toilet cannot be reused and must be disposed of.

7. Replacement ultra low flow toilet must be purchased in the current fiscal year (Oct. 2009 — Sept. 2010).

8. It is the customer’s reponsibility to ensure proper installation. The City of Cocoa does not recommend any brand or manufacture of toilet. You are free to purchase any toilet that meets the 1.6 or 1.28 GPF standards. Prior to purchase it is recommended you get estimates for the installation cost.

9. Upon receipt and review of the COMPLETED REBATE FORM, ORIGINAL RECEIPT, UPC BAR CODE AND GPF WORDING FROM EACH TOILET BOX FOR EACH REBATE, if approved, a credit will be applied to the water account that is on this application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE RETURNED.

Toilets account for 30% of the water usage in the home. Older homes can have a toilet that uses up to 5-7 gallons per flush.

An average household with four residents flushes the toilet 24 times a day which uses 52,560 gallons a year. When the water-guzzling toielt (6 gallons per flush) is replaced with a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet, that same household of four uses 14,016 gallons of water a year. That is a savings of 38,544 gallons of water per year.

To receive a packet please e-mail or call 433-8705, Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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