New Berlin, WI – New toilet rebate program

High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program beginning April 1, 2010

The City of New Berlin Water & Sewer Utilities are sponsoring a toilet rebate program to encourage customers to replace their old toilets with high efficiency water-wise low-flow toilets. 

How much can you save?

If you currently have a 5 gallon per flush toilet and replace it with a 1.3 gallon toilet, based on 10 flushes per day, the savings are 13,505 gallons per year.  At current water and sewer rates, that means an average annual reduction of $46.31 on your water bill and $23.61 on your sewer bill for a total savings of $69.92.

The program is limited to 300 toilet replacements and is on a first come first serve basis.  Toilets much be purchased between January 1 and December 31, 2010.  Amount of each rebate is $100.  To qualify:

·         You must be a current New Berlin Water or Sewer Utility customer

·         A Permit Fee of $25 and a Tech Fee of $2 must be applied for

          and paid prior to installation.  Upon installation an inspection

          must be made by the City of New Berlin to ensure that the
          toilet was replaced with an approved model.  Only 1 permit
          and tech fee is needed per customer. 

·         Make and model of toilet purchased needs to be from the   
          Water Sense approved list

·         Limit of 2 toilet rebates per customer

·         Original receipts (dated between January 1 & December 31, 2010) 
          must be presented along with the completed application form

·         Toilet installation is not included.

·         An inspector must verify a qualifying Water Sense Toilet was installed
          prior to your rebate being approved.  Call the Inspection Department
          for further details (262) 797-2445

·         The check amount will not exceed the purchase price of toilet

·         You are responsible for disposal of your old toilet*

·         Please allow 4-6 weeks for your rebate check to be mailed

 Toilets can be purchased at many local home improvement and hardware stores or through a plumbing contractor.

 For further information, please contact the Utility office at

 (262) 786-7086 

*Check with your installer for toilet disposal options or contact your garbage disposal contractor.  Veolia will take toilets for free if you take the tank off. Waste Mgt. will pick them up for $50.00.

 For further information, please contact the Utility office at

 (262) 786-7086

4 Responses

  1. great info. we have to subtitute our toilet to save water. thanks.

  2. I just love living in Georgia .. the green technology, green builders.. People Who Care Renewable Energy

  3. Looks like your site is getting alot of visitors. Are you doing any time of special coding to make your site appear so well in the search engines? Great Job!

    • Thank you!
      I don’t do any kind of coding – just simply post a lot of toilet rebate and water conservation related information and make sure I include tags, links, categories, etc..

      Hope that helps!

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