Toilet rebate in Seattle, WA – only during the month of September 2009

Source Komo News

Pay close attention to your water bill. A new rebate program could mean extra money in your pocket.

Seattle Public Utilities is partnering with 17 local water districts and six local retailers in a program aimed at conserving water and helping consumers save money.

September water bills include a $30 instant rebate coupon for replacing water-guzzling toilets with newer high-efficiency models.

Only certain toilets qualify. They must carry an EPA WaterSense label and use only 1.28 gallons per flush.

Turns out more than half the households in this area – 52 percent – still have toilets that use twice the water needed to do the job.

Toilets made before 1982 use 5 to 7 gallons per flush (GPF). Toilets made from 1982 to 1993 use 3.5 gallons. In 1994 the requirement dropped to 1.6 gallons.

The 1.28 GPF models have been around since about 2006.

Depending on your water and sewer rates, switching from a high GPF toilet to a high-efficiency 1.28 GPF model can lower your water bill by $30 to $100 a year- maybe even more.

According to Seattle Public Utilities, a Seattle family of four who flushes 20 times a day with a 3.5 GPF toilet pays $420.58 a year. With a 1.28 GPF model, the bill drops to $160.81 for an annual savings of nearly $260.

The rebate program runs through the month of September.

For participating water districts and retailers, click here.


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  1. Water conservation is very important. Older toilets use a great deal more water to flush waste than the newer style toilets. If we all pitch in a little to help conserve water, the overall results will be tremendous.

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