Water conservation’s zenith

Water conservation’s zenith

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Toilet with built-in sink earns top marks

By Vanessa Farquharson, Canwest News ServiceAugust 21, 2009

If you live in a small space and are thinking about investing in a dual-flush toilet, hold on to your money for another month because there’s a new water-conserving toilet in town and, as water-conserving toilets go, it’s to die for.

The Caroma Profile Smart 305 doesn’t just offer the choice between a full six-litre flush for solids and half that for liquids, it also comes with a sink perched on top. The leftover water from hand washing and tooth brushing is drained straight into the toilet tank, where it’s held until the next flush.

Yes, this means flushing your business down the toilet with old, soapy and, possibly, toothpastey water, but it’s going straight down the drain anyway and means that barely any fresh water is required.

“The concept was developed in Australia, which is the best in the world when it comes to water conservation,” says Rich Armstrong, head of Armco Agencies, the distributors for the Caroma toilet in Eastern Canada. “I was actually contacted by the Australian consulate about seven years ago to look into dual-flush toilets . . . We’ve had this particular model featured in two or three showrooms now and the phones have been ringing off the hook.”

Armstrong says the Caroma will see its first shipment in mid-September, and predicts it will be most popular with those living in small apartments or condos.

“Water conservation is one thing, but a lot of bathrooms don’t have space for both a toilet and sink,” Armstrong says, “so this model works well for those kinds of restrictions. It’s pretty unique.”

It has also won a handful of awards already, including the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for innovative design and engineering

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