Toilet rebates a hit

The number of new “johns” in Manitoba just went up by more than 3,000.

That’s how many dual-flush toilets were sold Saturday during a one-day event in which buyers got an instant $50 rebate from the Manitoba government.

Before the big day the province said it hoped to see 1,500 dual-flush toilets sold under the incentive program, held in order to get more Manitobans saving water.

Don Norquay, deputy minister of Water Stewardship, said Monday he expects it will be a few more days before participating retailers tally up exactly how many of the dual-flush toilets were sold.

But he added that preliminary information suggests the sales were more than double the province’s original target.

He said each new toilet will save consumers on average 25,000 litres of water a year. That translates into about 75,000,000 litres saved each year.

Norquay added old toilets are to be collected at the Brady Road landfill in a special area. They will be picked up for crushing and recycling.

Winnipeg Free Press

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