Arnold offering rebate on low-flow toilets

Suburban Journals | News | Arnold offering rebate on low-flow toilets

Saving money while conserving a valuable natural resource is a pretty useful combination.

That’s what the city of Arnold is trying to promote with a new rebate program for “low flow” toilets.

The city is offering a $50 rebate toward installation of the water-saving toilets.

“Councilman (Phil) Amato and I devised this program to assist homeowners in making water conservation easy in their homes,” said Matt Unrein, city administrator. “A water saving toilet can save the average homeowner 20 percent in their total water usage.”

The program does have some restrictions.

Only residential single family and multifamily two, three and four family structures are eligible. Apartment complexes are not eligible.

New construction projects are also not eligible as state and federal law requires installation of low flow toilets in all new construction, according to Unrein.

The city also requires the following:

You must be a customer in the City of Arnold sewer district area.

You must purchase a 1.6 gallon low flow toilet from a business located within the corporate limits of the City of Arnold and install in a residence located within the same.

You must submit completed application along with original receipt and UPC/barcode from the box for low flow toilet.

City of Arnold personnel may request verification of installation.

After all requirements are met the rebate will be applied to the account noted on the application.

The rebate many only be applied to accounts in good standing.

The city has budgeted $20,000 from its sewer fund to pay for the rebate program.

For more information call 636-282-6600.

Chris Campbell

The toilet rebate form can be found here

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