Buy a Dual Flush toilet in Manitoba on Saturday, Feb 21 and get a $50 rebate


This Saturday, Manitobans can help reduce the bucks they’re flushing down the drain and walk away with some extra cash in their wallets.

On Feb. 21, those purchasing high-efficiency, dual-flush toilets from participating retailers will be offered an instant rebate of $50. The rebate is part of the province’s WaterSmart Manitoba initiative.

Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick said she hopes the initiative can help the province save at least 80 million litres of water every year and reduce water bills by a collective $2 million.

“It’s clear that all Manitobans want to do their bit to leave a legacy of abundant, clean water to the next generation,” Melnick said. “The WaterSmart program rewards Manitobans who reduce their water consumption.”

Dual flush toilets allow users to select the volume of water for a flush, typically about six litres for solid waste and three to four litres for liquid.

Single-flush toilets typically now range from six to 13 litres per flush. Dual-flush models retail for as little as $125.


“People are becoming more aware of the water they use and also the fact that by installing one of these toilets you can significantly reduce the amount of water that you are using,” said Tara Turnbull, showroom manager at Kitchen & Bath Classics on St. Matthews Avenue just east of Empress Street.

The store will have three dual flush toilet models that qualify for Saturday’s rebate.

Two toilets per person can be purchased under the rebate plan Saturday.

To locate participating retailers, consumers can consult the website


Source: Winnipeg Sun

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