9 million gallons of water saved, through 1,500 new toilets

9 million gallons of water saved, through 1,500 new toilets

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Gwinnett residents will have reduced water use by almost nine million gallons annually by replacing more than 1,500 old, inefficient toilets through last November under a rebate incentive program once the new fixtures have been in use for a year. Commissioners on Tuesday voted to extend the rebate program and provided up to $300,000 to cover its cost.

A Gwinnett water customer who replaces two 3.5-gallons-per-flush toilets with specified new models that use 1.28 gallons can get up to $200 in rebates from the County. Board Chairman Charles Bannister said, “This program is part of our comprehensive water conservation program, and we believe it is well worth the cost despite tough economic times and tight budgets.”

A toilet rebate program could become mandatory in a number of counties in and around Atlanta – including Hall – under a draft water conservation and water supply plan for the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (MNGWPD) . Draft plans are available for public review and comment on the MNGWPD’s website at www.northgeorgiawater.com

All Caroma Dual Flush toilets qualify for the rebate. Please contact us to receive a price list. All models can be viewed at ecoTransitions website. To see why our toilets work so well, visit our YouTube site. Thank you!


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