West Basin Free Toilet Exchange Program

The West Basin Municipal Water District (view map here)  provides Free One-Day Exchange Events to provide the public with free high-quality HETs that conserve water. The intent of this program is to encourage the public to change out their older water-wasting toilets (3 gallons and up) with new HETs that are available free-of-charge through this program.

West Basin has distributed more than 46,000 toilets since 1995 in an effort to conserve water. These HET’s (High Efficiency Toilets) are currently conserving 300 million gallons of water each year – enough to provide water to 2000 families per year.

If you live in the West Basin area, please visit the West Basin Municipal Water Districts website here.

To find out more about High Efficiency toilets, please visit my blog “What you should know about toilets”. Thank you!

4 Responses

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Please be notified of the next free high efficiency toilet exchange program in the West Basin area.


    Barbara Lem

  2. i tried to pull up the info about the west basin area and it did not come up. as a result, there is no info to be found, as to location and regulations. please let me know the location for the pick up of these high efficiency toilets. ty neil mainmi

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