Single-serve ground coffee pods

Somebody gave me a box of Starbucks Single-Serve Ground coffee pods, because it was near the expiration date and could not have sold in the store. Anyway, this box contains 12x 0.25oz pods, so a total of 3 oz. The retail price for this box is $4.95. Since I don’t have the kind of Espresso machine that uses pods, I opened every single package and used the grounds this way. Do you realize what a rip-off these are? You can purchase 12oz of Starbucks Espresso roast for about $10.00, that is 4x as much for only twice the price, so 50% cheaper. PLUS (!), every single pod is packaged in an aluminum/plastic type sleeve and the 12 pods are then all packaged together in a pretty cardboard box. The sleeves are not recyclable and I don’t think the cardboard box will end up in a recycling bin either. So, at least twice as much packaging ends up in landfills and will probably stay there FOREVER. PLEASE, take a minute and re-think if you really need those single serve packages (or, for that matter, the type of coffee-maker that requires these). It really doesn’t take so much longer to grab a measuring spoon and put those grounds in the conventional coffee maker. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I can’t even get going in the mornings without my coffee and the 5 minutes I have to wait in the mornings are not really fun, but, life can’t be so busy that it justifies paying 50% more and wasting all that packaging. By the way, if you have a little bit of money to spare, opt for the coffee maker that grinds your beans fresh for every single cup you brew. You can save some money by buying your whole coffee beans in bulk and have awesome tasting coffee.

2 Responses

  1. YES! Thank you so much for pointing this out. I HATE those single-serve coffee makers! My boyfriend has one — in perfectly working condition, by the way, and offered to give it to me so he could buy himself a new one. I really disapprove of those machines and all that packaging waste, which I told him, and of course declined the offer. I’m glad I’m not the only one who it really bothers that these things are so popular.

  2. Great post about the effects of single-serve items! Packaging is something we all need to start considering when we make a purchase.

    I think I started noticing this while I was studying abroad in Japan last summer. I bought a package of cookies, expecting them to be packaged like any average package of Oreo’s, but was very dismayed to find each cookie individually wrapped! Japan is ahead of us in terms of trash separation and recycling (andI did have to separate each of those wrappers from the normal trash), but they tend to over-package everything. And who wants to have a bunch of guilt-inducing cookie wrappers staring them in the face? 😉

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