Caroma: Conservation Leader becomes a GreenPlumbers® Premier Partner

GreenPlumbers® announced Caroma, a longtime Australian partner, as a premier partner in the United States. Caroma was founded in 1941 in Australia, and has since become a worldwide leader in reliable, high quality, water-efficient bathroom products. Their ‘green’ sensibility makes them a perfect match for GreenPlumbers® ‘s goal of making plumbers into conservation experts.


“Protecting the environment is critical for the sustainability of our natural resources, and preserving water, the most valuable resource, is a growing concern,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, Caroma North America manager. “Caroma is pleased to partner with GreenPlumbers®  to promote water conservation and water saving technologies. Caroma is the world leader in innovative, high efficiency toilets with leading edge Caroma Smart™ technology. The stylish and water-conserving 1.6/0.8 gallon per flush toilets can save nearly 30,000 gallons of water per year for a family of four. Our partnership with GreenPlumbers® helps us spread the word that water conservation is easy with just the touch of a button.”  


41 models in the EPA’s WaterSense program are made by Caroma – the most of any brand in North America. All of Caroma’s 41 WaterSense labeled models are dual flush fixtures, the only type Caroma manufactures. The list includes Caroma’s latest model, the Sydney Smart, which offers the lowest water consumption of any toilet now available in North America. Sydney Smart flush volumes – 0.8 and 1.28 gallons – set a new benchmark for water conservation in North America. Caroma’s philosophy is that environmentally-responsible products can be highly functional and aesthetically beautiful. The company’s motto is “Conservation With Style.”


For more information on Caroma’s line of products or environmental vision, visit 


GreenPlumbers® is an innovative, national training and accreditation program that assists plumbers in understanding their role in the environment and public health. The organization’s goal is to train and deploy a green army of thousands of plumbers to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of GHG emissions. The focus is on changing consumer and plumbing behavior through the use of energy efficiency and water saving technologies. As a grassroots effort, the plan is a voluntary one that can be implemented quickly without legislation or regulation. How can we expect the homeowners and business people of America to be serious and knowledgeable about water and energy conservation unless the plumbers that bring the water and energy to their houses are not equally serious? The GreenPlumbers® goal is nothing less than complete culture change for the plumbing industry.

GreenPlumbers® training consists of a five-course, 32 hour, accreditation in environmental and technical issues including Climate Care (8 hrs), Caring For Our Water (8 hrs), Solar Hot Water (4 hrs), Water Efficient Technology (8 hrs), and an Inspection Report Service(4 hrs).

For more info about GreenPlumbers, visit

Source Press Release Sep 9, 2008 Caroma USA and



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  1. This is good news about Caroma. I’m going to search through Green Plumbers right now. I have outfitted my home with water conservation products. I got some from (here’s the link: and some other items from my local hardware store. We all need to do our part!!

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