Caroma’s Latest Introduction Sets New Conservation Standard

Caroma has launched its most water conscious toilet yet – the Sydney Smart. This latest addition to the company’s line of dual flush toilets, and already WaterSense approved by the EPA, offers the lowest water use of any toilet available in America.

Caroma is the world leader with innovative, high efficiency toilets. The Caroma Smart (TM) Technology is leading-edge and has been developed and mastered over the last decade to deliver the ultimate of design, water savings, and performance. Sydney Smart, Caroma’s newest dual flush, is the first dual-flush toilet utilizing 0.8 gpf for the half and only 1.28 gpf for the full flush, therefore provides significant water savings. With the built-in lower flush option, typically used four times more often than the larger flush, Sydney Smart provides the highest water savings of any high efficiency toilet (HET) available, as it calculates to an average of 0.89 gallons per flush.

Like all Caroma toilets, Sydney Smart uses Wash Down flushing instead of siphon action and has a trapway nearly double the industry average. Caroma engineers enhanced the water dynamics from the flush valve to the bowl to ensure that a small volume of water would successfully evacuate the bowl and all the way through the drain line. The Smart models maintain Caroma’s reputation for clog-proof performance.

The continuing drought in the South, California’s new legislation mandating high efficiency toilets and the eco-movement are forcing Americans to consider water saving strategies like those developed in Australia, where droughts are measured in years, rather than months.  Dual flush toilets are credited as one of the chief ways per capita water consumption has been cut 25 percent over the last decade.

Since introducing dual flush toilets twenty-five years ago in Australia, Caroma continually has advanced the performance of its products.  The Smart technology, setting a new benchmark for water efficiency, was used in product installed at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and later incorporated into the line in 2004.  The Sydney Smart arrives here after years of market acceptance in Australia and Caroma’s Asian markets.

The Sydney Smart is an EPA-approved WaterSense toilet, meaning it is among the most water-efficient and best performing models on the market.  Caroma is the industry leader with 41 Water Sense models. 

Caroma, a wholly owned subsidiary of GWA International Limited, a Brisbane, Australia-based company, is at the forefront of water efficient plumbing, and exports products to 39 countries. Its development and constant improvement of dual flush technology have led to dual flush toilets outselling single flush toilets around the world.

SOURCE  Caroma USA, ebuild and Reuters

If you are interested in finding out more about Caroma Dual Flush toilets, visit To view videos showing why Caroma toilets work, visit ecoTransitions on YouTube. Watch an amazing video of Eddie Wilcut, the Water Conservation Manager for the City of San Antonio, flushing a Russet potato down a Caroma toilet with the full flush (1.6 gallon) AND half flush (0.8 gallon), which is meant for liquid waste.

Learn even more about Caroma Dual Flush Toilets here

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  1. Hey Potty Girl,

    I recently came across your site and have enjoyed reading all news and information about conservation and environmental responsibility. I also really like your site’s new look!

    With more people becoming aware of the need to conserve and wondering how they might get involved on at home, I thought you might be interested in helping readers learn how to maintain healthy landscapes, save water (and money!) and save time this fall by sharing with them three thirty-second videos hosted by Walter Reeves, host of the Georgia Gardener on Georgia Public Television:

    1. Water efficiently – Over-watering is wasteful and harms plants; target thirsty plants that are wilting or turning colors by hand-watering at the root base and not the foliage.
    2. Mulch matters – Mulch retains soil moisture; use pine straw, shredded hardwood or bark mulch.
    3. Get creative in finding water for plants – Collect water in rain barrels or cisterns – for every inch of rainfall, 6 gallons of water can be harvested per square foot of roof space.

    I would be happy to send you links to the videos so that you can embed them on your blog. Here are a few other resources for your readers:

    1. This Web site gives additional information on what consumers can do to decrease water usage, a special Tip of the Week, contact information to your elected officials and information on what they are doing to conserve your natural resources.
    2. Call your UGA Cooperative Extension office for more information: 1-800-ASK-UGA1.

    Please let me know if you would like more information, images or links to the videos for your blog.


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