How eating 4 burgers less per year can save 2,500 to 5,000 gallons of water

Not even to mention the calories and the cholesterol……

No, seriously. I never thought about it this way:

It takes about 5,000 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef. No, cows don’t drink that much water, but it takes so much to grow the corn they eat.

You don’t have to become a vegetarian or vegan to conserve water. But – going meatless for one day a week can make a big impact and can be a lot of fun too! Involve your kids to create tasty meals without meat. If you have to have meat, opt for chicken instead.

Why save Water?

Of all the water in the world, only 3% is fresh. Less than one third of 1% of this fresh water is available for human use. We are depleting our underground aquifers faster than we are replenishing them. The largest one, the Ogallala, which covers a vast part of the country from the Midwest to the mountain states, is being depleted by 13 trillion gallons a year. Eventually it is going to run out – and then what? Northwest Texas is already dry. They can’t get any water from their wells.

Our growing population is putting stress on available water supplies. The U.S. population almost doubled from 1950 to 2000. The demand however, tripled! Americans use an average of 100 gallons of water each day-enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses! This increased demand has put additional stress on water supplies and distribution systems, threatening both human health and the environment.

We all need to do our part to save water. Visit to find out how you can save water in your home. Little changes that make a big difference!



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