Dual Flush toilets mandatory in Ireland – the way to “go”!

This is an article published on August 20, 2008 in the Irish Times

New building controls to ban traditional toilets

by HARRY McGEE, Political Staff

THE STANDARD toilet is about to be flushed out as part of a new Government water conservation measure.

Environment Minister John Gormley has signed off on new building regulations that will lead to a ban on traditional toilets.

The Government says that the move will lead to hundreds of millions of gallons drinking water being saved each year.

Under the new regulations, all toilets fitted into homes will be required to have a dual-flush system.

In addition, dual-flush toilets will be the only models available at DIY stores, plumbing supplies stores and hardware shops. The regulations will be implemented from November.

Yesterday, Mr Gormley said that making dual flush toilets mandatory would lead to greater efficiencies in the use of water, and was a sensible and practical step that formed part of the National Water Conservation Programme.

Official estimates suggest that as much of a third of the country’s drinking water is used to flush toilets, which the Government considers poor use of a valuable resource.

Standard toilets in Irish homes and workplaces flush between six and nine litres.

Dual flush toilets release four litres in water-saving mode, and six litres for a full flush.

“It demonstrates how simple but practical ways can be found to conserve water,” said Mr Gormley, adding that further water conservation measures would be introduced.

These are unlikely to include any attempt to introduce water charges or metering, issues that have proved politically divisive in the past.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dual Flush toilets, visit www.caromausa.com. Caroma, an Australian company has invented the Dual Flush system in the 80’s and has a 90% market share in Australia. With a fully glazed 4″ trapway, blockages are virtually eliminated.

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  1. Unfortunately, Mr. Gormley has not got a clue about what he is inflicting on Ireland. Check out ‘Fix a leak week’ on google. These ‘so-called’ water saving dual-flush toilets are anything but because if they are PUSH BUTTON operated, they have a DROP VALVE in the cistern, which has been KNOWN to leak for 160 years. They leak because they exacxtly like a plug in a sink, with water always above the valve seal. The leakage rate in the USA from these flushing devices is around 44 litres per person per day. Look at the size of the REPLACEMENT VALVE industry if you dont believe me. Stick with siphons with handles on the cistern, these NEVER leak. The siphon being called the WATER WASTE PREVENTOR on account of it being invented in 1862 to replace leaky valve flushing back then. Trust a politician, I dont think so.

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