Think outside the bottle!

Join me and break the bottled water habit! Getting rid of bottled water is a win-win! You save money and water and help lessen the amount of plastic in landfills! You can now even win a trip to Glacier National Park. Please learn more about the campain here 

Break the Bottled Water Habit, Win a Prize and Cut Your Carbon

When you want pure, healthy drinking water, you should reach for bottled water, right? Surprisingly, on neither a personal nor a global level are you making a healthy choice.

For each gallon of water bottled, two gallons are wasted; producing the plastic wastes  the energy equivalent of a quarter-bottle’s worth of oil. And what’s in the bottle could just be tap water.

New American Dream and Corporate Accountability International is asking you to think about where the water in that bottle came from, where the plastic is going, and take the Break the Bottled Water Habit pledge( and drink to a healthy ecosystem.

During October, make a conscious choice to slake your thirst without drying up our planet’s resources. In addition to benefiting the environment, participants will have a chance to win a free condo for a week at a ski resort in Idaho.  Visit the website ( now to get started.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for putting this article out there. I also discuss this subject on my Blog. I think it’s important that information gets put out on all different fronts. I wont link without permission, but if you’re interested, the post title is “Would you pay 4,000 times more for gas if it came in a bottle?”

    Keep up the good fight.


  2. I have been boycotting “disposable” plastic products for 18 months. Needless to say water in a bottle was one of the first to go. I have posted your campaign on my blog – hope it helps.

  3. […] up water and win a glacier Published August 13, 2008 Uncategorized Saw this on potty girls blog  and thought it was […]

  4. Great post. The contest looks interesting, i’m going to go check it out. I’ve been water bottle free for about 6 months now. I wish I had done it much sooner.

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